Designed for easy installation and use, these accessories from Raptor Kayaks Canada will allow you to enjoy your kayaking adventures with ease and comfort.


Adapter, fittings, steering upgrade kits, and more designed specifically for Raptor G1 & G2 Kayaks.

  • Power Pole

    With the unmatched versatility of Power-Pole, you have a shallow water anchor that deploys silently, holds strong and gives you the best shot at putting more fish in the boat – all at the touch of a button.

  • Steering Upgrade Kit

    Get control of your steering with this upgrade kit for your G2 kayak!

  • Drive Pod Adapter

    Our Drive Pod adapts to Hobie Mirage Drive, Bixpy Jet Drive, Watersnake electric motor and more. Cam locks for positive connection, drain plug and replaceable stainless hardware. Thumb screw swap out for deck plate or gear pod!

  • Deck Pod Adapter

    Need more clear space on your boat deck? We heard you, so we created the Deck Plate to give you that extra room to land those monster fish, (or just for those big ol' feet of yours), pressed in plug.Thumb screw swap out for Drive adapter or gear pod!

  • Gear Pod Adapter

    Need more clear space for your gear? We created the Gear Pod to assist. Pressed in plug. Thumb screw swap out for Drive adapter or deck pod!

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