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Kayak Accessory - Hobie Water Snake

Kayak Accessory - Hobie Water Snake

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HOBIE Water Snake Trolling Motor

  • Hobie Mirage Drive Cassette Plug, foam filled & modified with water
  • Snake Trolling Motor
  • Spacer to protect prop from hitting bottom of cassette
  • Prop, Prop Tool, Instructions Manual
  • Alligator Battery terminal clamps, colour coded with extra long cable
  • Retractable steering handle, lock pin for handle
  • High & Low Speed for Trolling - Forward & Reverse Switch
  • Height Adjustment tensioner
  • Bracket for locking the motor into positionfor hands free trolling

      Motor Specs:

      • 24lb Thrust
      • 12v battery compatible
      • Forward/Reverse - High and Low speeds, Low Speed—ideal trolling speed
      • 10.5" Shaft length
      • Weight = 6 lbs.
      • How long will the motor last?
        35AH Battery - 5 hours
        70AH Battery - 9+ hours


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