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CUDA 18115 - Aluminum Alloy Descaler

CUDA 18115 - Aluminum Alloy Descaler

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The Cuda Descaler is one of Cuda’s most innovative essential tools for professional and amateur fishermen alike. Featuring a strong, aluminum alloy descaling head with unique serrations, the Descaler can be used with horizontal or vertical motions and capture scales as they are removed all the same. The handle also includes a blend of traditional Cuda elements and cutting-edge ergonomics for the ultimate wield. Over the visible full-tang construction sits the iconic Cuda scale pattern non-slip grip, as well as a thumb rest for increased comfort and control while descaling your catch. Complete with a hang hole for lanyard attachments at the bottom of the handle, the Cuda Descaler will go the distance with any crew in any conditions and continue to deliver elite performance.

  • Aluminum Alloy descaling head
  • Non-slip Cuda scale pattern grip
  • Innovative head design captures scales for less mess
  • Unique serrations for scale removal
  • Designed to descale with horizontal or vertical motion
  • Full-tang construction
  • Hang hole
  • Thumb/finger rest for increased comfort and control


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