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Raptor Kayaks Canada

CUDA 18117 - Jaw Spreader

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The Cuda Jaw Spreader champions functionality without sacrificing quality or strength. Purpose built for easily prying and opening fish jaws with its innovate tip design, the stainless steel construction allows you to securely handle the tightest of jaws. Additionally, the Cuda scale pattern grips afford even more leverage and will not slip from your grasp when in less than ideal conditions. Both of these elements come together to provide an incredible, single-handed wield, so you can use your free hand to swiftly extract your hook from your catch. When not in use, the Jaw Spreader comes complete with a locking system for safety and secure storage. All in all, the Jaw Spreader is more than just a good investment for your tacklebox, it's an essential tool for the job.

  • Stainless steel construction
  • Holds jaws open for extraction of hooks
  • Innovative tip design pries and easily opens jaws
  • Locks for safety and storage built for freshwater


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